Please note that the name of attorney Katrina Arden had been misappropriated and falsely used in connection with the scam ICOs.

Attorney Katrina Arden’s implacable reputation and popularity, unfortunately, lead to the fraudulent and unauthorized use of her name along with the name of Blockchain Law Group by scammers who, without Mr. Arden’s knowledge, put her name and photo on their websites and claimed her affiliation with their business. Such practice is widely used by scammers across all industries who often fraudulently claim affiliation with Government entities (for example, the Securities and Exchange Commission), private organizations, and highly reputable individuals to promote their projects and lure people in. Frequently, victims of such deceiving tactics find out about these instances when they receive a backlash from defrauded public long after the scammers are gone.

Please be aware that such companies as Insolar, Genexi, KYC.Legal, Coinlancer, INS Ecosystem, S3ntigrapH, Bitcoin Coral, Cero Coin, Vanig, Femergy, Virtual Arena have never been provided escrow services by Katrina Arden nor Blockchain Law Group. There could be more, which we may not be aware of yet.

If you see anyone claiming any involvement of Katrina Arden in the ICO, please let us know by contacting us via a contact form on this website. 

The derogatory information and claims for escrow and advisory services provided to scam ICOs by Katrina Arden are false, misleading, and unlawful. We are working on bringing the perpetrators to justice.